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We spent a big chunk of Saturday hanging out at the Seattle Tilth’s Harvest Fair.

Serendipitously running into old friends and neighbors was half of the fun as we celebrated the bounty of our region’s farmers, gardeners, and supporters of urban agriculture.

Z bonded with with the miniature dairy goats of Soaring Hearts Farm while I chatted up Farmer Wendy.  Z and I will be visiting her small Snohomish farm to get a more hands-on experience with the goats.

We noshed on the fabulous feta and fig scones made by Platypus Bakery, a new-to-us small scale gluten-free bakery. The owner lives in our neighborhood and has offered to do hand-deliveries to Z. It’s people like this who make me realize how important it is to build connections and community in sourcing your food – especially when there are health issues involved, like Z’s recent celiac diagnosis.

There was something inherently awesome when we passed the herb crown-making station and Z sniffed with an “I smell Sweet Cecily.” And he did.

Z and I plotted our eventual foray into backyard chickens (next spring!?!) while he made a new buddy.

I happily settled for fall starts . . . chard, purple cauliflower, and broccoli to round out the leeks and pumpkins.

But we’ll spend a lot of time thinking about eggs.

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