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Apropos of nothing (save his not-so-latent love of all things Escher), the boy decided to spend this week’s rainy weather working on tessellations.

Lo and behold, I had many moons ago filed away a completely awesome program that would help him really get to the next level on his ongoing quest to create his own pattern-y menagerie.

The coolest thing was that he could use the computer to manipulate the edges and corners of polygons to make a reasonable facsimile of a whatever creature he had in mind, chose some colors, and tessellate away . . . and completely and easily try again if it wasn’t what he was seeing in his head.

Then add more animalistic detail by hand.

Here, we have some foxes.

And we can’t forget the lamprey battle.

The boy jumped, and created, and jumped some more. And made more eels, dogs, birds and fish than I could possibly count.

And that’s a pattern totally worth repeating.




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