Nowhere to be and no one to see on a gorgeous Tuesday morning. So the boy and I headed out to explore a new-to-us loop in one of our favorite parks in the city.

This is a place that we’ve been exploring several times a month for eight years, but today we left our beaten path(s). We discovered a socked-in-by-fog beach, a semi-hidden pond, a primeval forest, and one perfectly ripe blackberry patch.

Not to mention so many tiny surprises along the way.

http://mattebox.net/w4332e78s97g16v59o5246c4Orb weaver work.

IMG_8780Grasshoppers in the meadow.

http://mattebox.net/w4332e73s52g17v84o5845c4Wooly bear caterpillar crawling through the berries.

IMG_8775Bird’s nest mushrooms on the forest floor.

IMG_8774And the cutest slug. Ever.

We looked closely and from a distance, we turned over logs and ideas. And we discussed things big and small, sometimes about what we were observing and sometimes not. Because that’s what you do when you get a couple of hours to ramble around.

That’s walk-schooling.

  1. Grandma Jenni’s avatar

    Love this entry. Your writing is so engaging that I want to do a walk-school day!

  2. Jen’s avatar

    So beautiful, Becky.


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