The Great Digital Microscope Build

For somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 in non-smartphone supplies, it’s a digital microscope that can take pictures and record video!

IMG_0933The kid measured and sanded, I power tooled (drilling through plexiglass without cracking it, even).


IMG_0947Setting the stage for the . . . specimen and camera stages.

IMG_0949There are definitely a few wiggly parts to this project , especially when it comes to lining up the laser pointer lens to the camera and figuring out focusing. But, hey, it wouldn’t be tinkering if there wasn’t a degree of troubleshooting.

IMG_0966When all was said and done, we had a sweet digital microscope on the cheap and for about 90 minutes of hard work time.

IMG_0953Leaf cells.

IMG_0956Dollar coin detail.

IMG_0959Salt crystals.

IMG_0962Tiny five, now mega-sized.

IMG_0964 Sand paper.

And now that it’s all figured out, it’s on to really big fun of using time lapse to capture micro-world action.


  1. Jennifer’s avatar

    Very ambitious project. Even more impressive to see it work.


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